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This weekend definitely felt like the beginning of spring.

I think we can all agree that the pandemic made this winter feel like extra long and we are all in need of some more sunshine ☀️

Let’s hope that very soon we will be able to enjoy a nice drink on a sunny terrace with friends and family.

Clothing are a way to break free of restriction and monotony, especially this past year.

So after these dark months the Spring/Summer 2021 collections will bring us colour! From sunny yellows to pretty pinks and striking silvers, Spring 2021 will be happy and bright.

Did you know that brighter colours can elicit positive moods?

On top each colour will awaken specific emotions.

Yellow means happiness and being jovial.

Purple is associated with royalty and might give you a sense of opulence.

Green will bring you back to nature but also releases emotions of hope and rebirth.

Orange screams vitality.

Pink is often seen as a feminine colour but in the spirit of breaking norms, especially bold magenta hue, can be seen as a powerful colour choice that’s genderless.

Blue represents the sky and the sea and is often associated with freedom.

Did you noticed that the Spring/Summer colours bring a message of hope, freedom, happiness and new beginnings? Funny how even fashion translates what everyone is hoping for.

I can’t wait for more sunny days and colours in my wardrobe ☀️🌈

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