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Best and worst colours for Spring type

Last week I explained on how to identify your season colour type. In today’s blog I will elaborate on the Spring type with best and worst colours for each subtype.

Just as in nature this seasonal colour type encompasses all that is bright and vibrant during this time of year. Fresh grass, and new leaves, clear skies, flowers galore, migrating and nesting birds with brightly coloured feathers in brilliant hues...

Consequently, Spring features are warm, bright, and light, giving Springs an overall luminous and fresh appearance.

If you are lucky enough to fit into this category your skin, hair, and eyes will have a bright luminous quality, because of this you can handle wearing very bright colours that are predominantly warm combined with some cool colours.

The Spring season is subdivided into three sub-seasons: Bright Spring, True Spring, and Light Spring.

Bright Spring

This season flows from Bright Winter and has characteristics of clear and bright features. Light to medium colour eyes, golden tone hair colours, warm skin tones. The brightest in the Spring Family.

Bright Springs have bright colour sparkly eyes contrasting with their skin tone and hair. Your features are mainly warm. Your eye colours range between blue to brown with warm undertones and they are light and vibrant. Yous hair colour ranges between golden brown to dark brown with warm golden undertones. One of the most distinctive characteristics of many Bright Springs is their eyes: they are typically striking because of their clarity.

Bright Spring is the season reminiscent of vivid, wild, exotic summer holidays. From tropical waters to remote islands, these are the most vibrant colours out of the twelve seasons. The colour palettes for clear season types are the clearest and least muted one way or the other. Meaning, that the colours are what we could consider a true red or true blue, like the crayon box you had as a child with a small variation of shades and only the brightest shades of each colour.

Avoid soft and toned-down colours – such as dusty blues and muddy browns, that dampen your natural brightness and make you look muddy. Tans and beige are also not very flattering, so it’s best to avoid them.

True Spring

This season has warm features, warm skin tones, light colour eyes, medium to dark golden and red hair tones, no sign of cool tones. There is no trace of coolness in the appearance of a True Spring and like the other Spring sub-seasons, they look fresh and glowing. The warmest in the Spring Family.

True Springs overall appearance is warm and clear. Your skin, eyes and hair have warm golden and yellow undertones, they appear fresh, bright and blend each other. Yous skin had golden and honey undertones and may have freckles. You have light colour eyes such as warm blue, green, hazel or light brown tones. Your hair colours range between golden blonde to light golden brown with red tones such as strawberry and ginger.

Its colour palette is reminiscent of a set of colouring pencils – pure, warm and quite high in saturation. The colours may look childish or clownish on the palette, but on a True Spring they look nothing but natural.

Apart from black and white, avoid soft and toned-down colours – such as dusty blues and muddy browns, that dampen your natural brightness and make you look muddy. Cool, dark colours – such as royal blue and aubergine, will also clash with your naturally warm colouring.

Light Spring

This season flows into Light Summer and has characteristic of some softness in features. Softer skin tones, light and blonde hair colours and light colour eyes. The lightest in the Spring Family.

Light Spring have light and warm features. This season flows towards Light Summer, therefore its lighter than other Spring season colours but warmer than Summer colours. Your eyes, skin and hair are very light and there is low contrast between them. Your skin has gold or peachy undertones and may have freckles. Your eyes are light blue, green, hazel or sometimes light brown. Your hair is naturally light with golden undertones.

The Light Spring colour palette is light but colourful. Light colours differ from muted colours in that they are diluted with white and appear more pastel than muted colours that appear to be darker than their original colour. The light colours complement your light overall colouring, instead of overwhelming it with harsh or dark colours.

Apart from white and black, avoid overly bright and saturated colours – such as burnt orange or sun yellow, that would overwhelm your delicate appearance and make you disappear behind them. Dark, overpowering colours – such as deep purples and blues, would also overwhelm your light colouring.

Are you a Summer type? Make sure to read next weeks blog post!


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