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Fashion mistakes to avoid

Every stylist will have his set of fashion mistakes to avoid depending on their point of view or fashion sense and often it becomes a question of taste. But for me there are a couple of essential mistakes you might be making. So here is a guide on how to avoid them.

Wrong bra

The 1st mistake is the wrong bra size! About 80% of women wear the wrong bra. When you wear a perfect fitting bra your whole posture changes, no bumps, no unflattering rolls and an instant lift. Did you know that wearing the wrong bra also has other consequences like breast, neck, shoulder and back pain? But also blocked lymph nodes and skin abrasions. Ideally we should have also another size bra during our period! So time to get yourself measured by a professional.

Wrong size

Another very common mistake is the wrong size (both too big or too small). Stop getting hung up on staying a certain size (I am guilty too!!). We will hold our breath to fit in our jeans that actually are a size too small because we have the very wrong idea that if we need to buy a bigger size it means we look bigger. WRONG!! Buying the right size will make you look slimmer. Wearing a size to small will make your flaws even more obvious.

The same applies for buying clothes that are too big. They will not camouflage your flaws they will actually accentuate them. Being stylish has nothing to do with being a size 36, it is wearing clothes that fit you.

Also keep in mind that sizing across brands is extremely varied and it also depends on the shape and fit. So forget the number! Think about how it looks and feels.

Wrong accessories

Over-accessorizing can kill your look! It is like wearing too much perfume. You don't need a flashy handbag with a statement necklace, bracelets, earrings, hat and big sunglasses. Think about balance and proportion, not too much but none at all is also a no go. If you’re wearing a low cut blouse, throw on those statement earrings or a necklace (just one, not both!). If you’re wearing a high neck top, rock an arm full of heavy bangles and slick your hair back in a low pony. If you’re wearing mainly neutrals, don’t be afraid to grab a bold leopard belt or oversized bright blue bag. It’s all in the balance.

Wrong shape

Knowing your body type is the most important factor while choosing an outfit. There are countless garments available in the market. But all of them will not fit you as those are made for different body types. For example, if you have an apple-shaped body type, body-hugging clothes will not suit you. In that case, you should go for a-line or empire cuts. But I will dedicate a full blog post on this topic.

Too much skin

Many women think you need to show skin to be sexy. But showing too much skin can make you look tasteless. If you want to show skin then try to expose just one portion of your body. You have amazing legs? Show them but wear a more covering top. You have a lovely cleavage? Wear a V neck top with a nice pair of jeans. Be bold! Show your skin. But always try to maintain a balance and you will be sexy AND classy!

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