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Spring/summer 2022 color trends

According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for Spring/Summer 2022 reflect our desire for balance as we move through a changing landscape. Colors that display our need for comfort, clarity and security. And at the same time, free-spirited optimism and a feeling of new liberation, are unleashed in dynamic, stand-out shades, satisfying our desire for spontaneity, uplift, and joy. Sweet pastels and neutrals combined with vibrant colors are setting the tone for the season.

As a pink lover I am so happy that pink will remain a dominant color this spring and summer, from pastel to hot pink. Use pink as a touch of color in accessories or brighten your simple pair of jeans with a hot pink top or go for a full monochromatic suit. As bright as pink can be this season there is also bold purple or beautiful reddish orange.

Grass green, basil or emerald, green comes in different shades and brightness. Find a green that matches your skin and have fun with this bold color combined with purple or pink and rock your outfit. In almost every shop you will now find a green bag or blazer.

Blue is always part of the color palette. To be on trend go for shades of fluffy blue skies. From fresh bright blues, baby blue, deeper denim blue or blues with a purple undertone. Even if blue is not my favorite color I like it in combination with white or red so I often choose for a patterned top or a blue jacket that fits with summery colors.

Only one color is missing and we have a rainbow. To be on trend with yellow items choose a yellow with a warm orange glow or pastel yellow. A cute fluffy pastel cardigan for the cooler nights is what is still missing in my wardrobe. Or go for a pair of yellow shoes to brighten your outfit.

To tone down this beautiful rainbow full of colors you can use the neutral color scheme. Even if we have the feeling that neutrals don’t change there is a subtle variation. And this season’s neutrals are just so beautiful and chic. These colors are perfect for your basic clothing items like a well fitted pair of trousers, shirts, simple dress or jacket. Combine your basics with some fun colors.

This season’s colors are not for every skin type. For example I am a true autumn type so the cooler colors will not flatter me. Let’s say I love the Spun Sugar blue or lilac, well I will not wear it as a top but I could buy a belt, bracelets or a bag in that hue. Not sure what your type is? No worries! I wrote blog posts about it, go and have a look ;)


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