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What to wear on hot summer days

Finally summer ☀️

Summer rhymes with sunkissed skin, the lovely smell of suncreen, sipping cocktails on a terrace or just relaxing in the sun with a good book… love it

But summer also rhymes with sweat patches… love it much less

So which outfits, fabrics and colors will prevent, or hide, those sweat patches best?

When the temperature rises we have the tendency to wear as less as possible, mini shorts and a crop top. But it is actually better to wear loose fitting clothes that cover your body. Like long skirts, loose fitting dresses or large trousers, as they will allow air to circulate underneath and give a fresh feeling.

When it comes to fabrics, synthetic fabrics, like polyester, are an absolute no go for the simple reason that they retain heat, poorly absorb sweat and increases your body temperature.

Instead choose natural fabrics like linen, silk or cotton, which absorb sweat very well. Linen is light and airy, so perfect for those hot summer nights and on top a very sustainable fibre. Silk is probably my favourite fabric for the summer, it feels like you don’t wear anything, it just flows on your body. Downside of real silk is that it is quite expensive and not the most sustainable natural fibre.

Cotton on the other hand is more accessible to everyone regarding price but it is the less sustainable fibre as lots of water is used to produce and process it. So if you go for cotton try to choose for bio cotton, bamboo or tetra (mom’s among us know what I mean).

Many of us grown up surrounded by family members that have told us not to go outside in the hot sun wearing dark clothing. Instead, light-colored clothing was usually advised. Why? The darker the clothing, the greater the absorption of heat so the hotter you will feel. But this is actually only true when you wear fitted clothes. A black loose fitted dress will not feel warmer then a white one.

Some more tips :

  • Prints camouflages sweat better

  • Wear a bandana or drape a scarf around your head and you will not feel the heat directly on your head

  • Dark and bright colors absorb UV-rays

  • Wear gold or silver jewellery as cheap metals will leave green stains on your skin

  • Be careful with parfum and direct sunlight as it may cause irritation or pigmentation spots

Make sure you drink enough water and you put your sunscreen on and enjoy the summer ☀️


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