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Last week I talked about the bright and happy colours we will see this Spring and Summer.

You can go really crazy with colours. From monochromatic outfits to mixing bold colours.

But what if you don’t feel confident enough to wear bright colours?

What if you like colours but don’t want a full colour outfit?

Or if you have a capsule minimalistic wardrobe?

Well here are some tips on how to add some colours into your outfits 🌈

Wear one coloured item

Add one coloured piece of clothing to your outfit. For example a pair of green pants with a neutral top or a jeans with a yellow sweater.

Go for subtle colours

Pastels are the perfect way to add colour into your wardrobe without feeling like you are wearing a loud outfit. It adds a look of whimsy delicateness that can boost your look instantly.

Use prints to add colour

Prints are another way to add colours in your wardrobe without being too bold. In summer floral prints will enhance this frivolous feeling that summer brings.

Go for those colourful accessories

Accessories are the ideal way to add colours to your outfit. It can be a colourful bag, a bright coloured scarf, those bold pair of shoes or some multicoloured jewellery.

The right accessory will add the finishing touch to your outfit. But choose wisely, go bold with colours but choose colours that match with a majority of your clothes in your wardrobe. Another important tip is choose quality accessories. A cheap looking bag or jewellery will make your whole outfit look cheap.

Red lips

One of my favourites to add colour to my outfit is through makeup. Red lips are a perfect way to add colour. Or for a night out go for some purple eyeshadow.

So get your inner child out and start testing some makeup skills.

Step out of your comfort zone

And sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone. You found a perfect fitting black dress but is also available in red? Just go for it and buy the red one!

If you do go for the a bold colourful outfit you can either choose neutral accessories, go for an eclectic look with mis-matching colours or go full colour block.

Little secret...

That I love colour is not a secret but when I was studying fashion I made myself this bright purple long furry coat. Let me tell you, I was turning heads but I didn’t care. I just felt invincible in my loud furry coat.

Pink pullover - Easy Clothes

Floral dress - Easy Clothes

Bracelets - Lilie & Koh

Blue scarf - ellemila

Green cardigan - ellemila

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