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The Little Black Dress, a wardrobe essential

There’s something that every woman needs to have in their wardrobe: the little black dress or LBD.

A little history...

Of course, women have always worn black attire, however, our contemporary version of cocktail dress first came into fashion in the 1920s, thanks to Coco Chanel.

Vogue published a drawing of a simple black. It had long narrow sleeves and was accessorised with a string of pearls. The publication dubbed it ‘Chanel’s Ford’, in other words it was simple and accessible to women of all classes.

Vogue also said it would become ‘a sort of uniform for all women of taste’, a spot-on prediction.

After the war, Christian Dior firmly cemented the little black dress in fashion history. Full skirts and cinched waists gave the LBD a sexier update.

Little black dress, simply iconic

Many women made LBD iconic.

Marilyn Monroe in 1956 with her chic figure-hugging black dress proves that less is always more.

The most famous LBD must be the Givenchy dress Audrey Hepburn is wearing in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

LBD as a statement

Probably the most iconic statement dress must be the ‘revenge dress’ Princess Diana stepped out in after her divorce to Prince Charles. Although Diana didn't make a statement that night, her LBD spoke volumes.

Still popular

Although the Little Black Dress can hardly be called an original fashion item, it has never lost its popularity over the years. The dress stands for simplicity, timelessness and versatility and it is one of the greatest fashion must-haves of all time.

There is a LBD for everybody

Today you can find a LBD in a variety of shapes, fabrics and styles. For every style there is a LBD.

For an edgy twist on the classic piece, wear a leather moto jacket, and you’ll have the perfect blend of pretty and punk.

Swap your high heels for some sneakers for an ultra-casual look.

Dare to bare some skin with a strappy figure-hugging midi length, or keep it flirty in a mini.

Proud of your body? Show it off in a bodycon dress. Tight and figure-hugging, these pieces are perfect for showcasing your hourglass figure, a bold and sexy addition to your wardrobe!

Be cool and still look fashionable with a casual LBD. Laidback and comfy, they’re easy to pair with a bomber jacket and sneakers.

Still not convinced?

With your LBD you can go to work and straight for drinks and look fabulous!

It is easy to accessorise as black goes with any colour.

And an extra advantage is that black is a form-flattering colour and has the ability to make a statement with little effort.


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